The cinematic dreamscapes of David Lynch, particularly Wild at Heart and Lost Highway, inspire the high-speed, flame-fueled exploration of intersecting underbellies and expanded horizons that is Spring/Summer 2023. This Lynchian fusion of darkness and light begins with leather traced by boldly scaled zippers, some functional and others integrated as surreal stripes. Graphic python scales are calibrated as embossed calfskin, printed on fluid washed cupro, and painstakingly recreated in jacquard-stitched viscose knitwear.
A dynamic range of proportions spans the impulses to conceal and to reveal along with new frontiers of strength. Tailored silhouettes are fortified by constructed shoulders, robust lapels, and decisive details while debuting in luminous finishes synonymous with ease. Streamlined sleeveless tops and abbreviated dresses achieved through internal support structures, and signature pieces are elevated to the realm of fantasy, as in a button-up made brilliant by hand-applied Swarovski crystals afloat black charmeuse.