"Night is a time of rigor, but also of mercy. There are truths which one can see only when it's dark." - Isaac Bashevis Singer
Evoking the overnight underworlds that only darkness can bring into focus, Pre-Fall 2022 evolves the oppositions that define KHAITE and continue to propel it forward. The collection unfolds in spirited dialogue—between masculine and feminine, structure and fluidity, past and future—to propose a wardrobe that is at once universal and singular, whether expressed through deliberately combined elements or a single piece designed to be cherished.
Grounded in Manhattan monochrome shot through with the silver foil of skyscrapers, the palette is warmed by champagne golds, metropolitan khaki, and earthy shades of oak and tobacco, with flashes of lipstick red. These refined hues accentuate rich textures and nuanced layers, bringing material juxtapositions and appliqués into soft focus along with moments of translucence, at once revealing and strong.
Arriving at the intersection of then and now, before and after, memory and forgetting, Spring/Summer 2022 connects above and below to propose a definitive New York wardrobe. The collection traces the city’s capacity for renewal and rebirth to its deep creative roots. Dense, evergreen, and largely unseen, this foundation is a force for deliberate growth, choosing necessity over novelty and hope over fear.