Defying neat distinctions between past and future, reality and illusion, decadence and restraint, Fall/Winter 2022 proposes a profoundly personal wardrobe of nuance and strength, designed to be cherished and made for now. Its tempo is one of welcome acceleration: the pace of a waking global city that continues to seek comfort in nostalgia. With each quickened step, another facet of the KHAITE world is revealed.
Reimagined and recombined, familiar elements are imbued with female strength, escaping frivolity through versatility born of intention. Ruffles are reborn as moody flourishes and take on a generative quality, forming a sculpted bandeau top and enlivening necklines and hems with their raw edges. The traditional craft of smocking, a technique synonymous with control, is unleashed to create richly textured dresses and tops that are open to the interpretation—and the unique body—of the wearer.