The arrival of the Pre-Fall 2021 collection on marks the debut of Bods beta: a groundbreaking product that revolutionizes the digital fitting room. Transcending conventional fit-finder quizzes and filter-based applications, Bods makes it possible to digitally try on KHAITE pieces, including clothing, footwear, and accessories, in a personalized and immersive online experience powered by cutting-edge achievements in 3D computer graphics.
"From materials to silhouettes to fit, we consider every detail, down to the millimeter, and Bods allows us to tell the next chapter of the KHAITE story. It's a leap in technology that allows you to see how a garment will fall on and mold to your body, and because the 3D images are created in real time, it's completely personalized and true to life." - Catherine Holstein
Creating a Bod in your likeness allows you to virtually try on a selection of KHAITE items in various sizes and to visualize how each item fits on your unique Bod - and on your own body, in the real world. Each KHAITE piece that is available to try on your Bod has been digitally constructed using the original patterns and tech packs to ensure it is accurately represented in the 3D real-time renderings, from the weight and drape of the material to nuances of cut and closures. The result is a stunningly realistic, true-to-life representation of fit.
"Poor-fitting clothes lead to billions of pounds of waste and countless disappointed customers. If you can fix fit, while making it enjoyable and beautiful, you can fix everything. Our elegant solution bridges two distinct and powerful worlds - it's deep tech, but make it fashion."
- Christine Marzano Co-Founder and CEO, BODS